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Q: I am looking for a low cost method for re-proofing my 10x50 mobile home. Someone suggested rubber sheeting. Where can I find this type product? Please email this information to me if you can be of any assistance.

A: Single ply synthetic membrane roofing systems applied in sheets are ideal for use over mobile homes and other low sloping or flat roofs because they are durable, pliable and waterproof. Some membranes are made from synthetic rubber polymers, others are made from plastic polymers. The IB Roof system I prefer is manufactured with copolymer alloys and offers a lifetime warranty against leakage and water ponding. (

Synthetic single ply roof systems are not the cheapest way to reroof a mobile (or any) home in the short term. But considering they can last twice as long as other types of roofing (or longer and can save on energy cost, they can save you both time and money in the long run.

A layer of foam can be applied over the top of the existing roof (without tearing it off) which serves as insulation, then the entire surface is covered with this waterproof membrane. It also reflects heat and sun away from the roof, saving even more cooling costs.

This is not to be confused with Sprayed Polyurethane Foam (SPF), which is sprayed onto the roof as a liquid. SPF roofing must be recoated regularly and can tear from tree limbs and flying debris. SPF roofs also tend to attract critters like birds and squirrels that like to bury acorns into it, causing leaks.

A less expensive way to reroof an existing metal roof is to cover it with a layer of insulating foam and reroof it with another new metal roof. However, the most economical way to reseal a metal roof would be to apply a special soybean based coating with fiberglass webbing, as needed.

It is also possible to roof mobile homes with conventional composition roofing. Water runs off the minimal pitch of most manufactured homes more slowly than from steeper pitched roofs which can allow wind to blow water back underneath the shingles. Thus both the tar paper and the roofing materials must be applied differently to prevent leaks. Even the vents and trim metal differ from those used on conventional homes.

Finally, because manufactured homes have a different structure, special concern for the weight of the roofing material and caution while walking on the roofs of manufactured homes must be considered. That is why it is important to hire manufactured home specialists or roofing contractors with plenty of experience working on mobile homes. I suggest you discuss your options with roofers who can offer a variety of roofing products for mobile homes in order to make the best decision.

To find some reputable roofers to discuss this with, visit Home Advisor. Fill out the service request, and explain you are looking for an economical way to re-roof your manufactured home. That will enable you to be matched with the ideal service professional in your area!

Good luck with your project!

Carl Eichman A-Better Roofing & Construction Citrus Heights, California

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