Removing Z-Brick

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Q: I want to remove the Z-Brick from my kitchen. Is there an easy way to remove it?

A: Unfortunately, no. People often paint over it with semi-gloss paint in a light color they would choose for regular wallboard, which can look like painted brick, if you like that look. You might give that a try first to see if you could live with that because that would be the least expensive and quickest solution. If you remove it, you most likely will damage the wallboard underneath and find it necessary to have it repaired or totally replaced.

To paint over it, I recommend visiting a specialty paint store like Sherwin Williams, Kelly-Moore for advice how to prep, prime and paint it for best results. I've always found the staff in such stores to be a wealth of information and they can sell you everything you will need to do the job right.

If you decide to remove it and damage the wallboard, I recommend calling some drywall contractors to come look at it to recommend the most efficient, economical way to treat the wall, depending on how you intend to finish it (texture and paint, wallpaper, etc.).

To locate some reliable drywall contractors, visit Service Magic, fill out a service request for drywall repair and be matched with the ideal service professionals in your area. Good luck!

by Kathy Maynard, reprinted courtesy of Service Magic

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