Metal Awnings (Aluminum)

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Vertical metal panel awnings and door canopies are solid, stationary awnings constructed of strong double ribbed heavy gauge aluminum panels for all-weather durability against wind, rain and sun. Sides provide extra shade and they are ventillated to allow hot air to escape while blocking the sun.

Metal panel awnings are available in solid or striped styles in several colors. Horizontal window panel or louvered awnings have an angled slat design with space between slats that lets you see out, without people outside being able to see in. Overlapping slat design allows soft, indirect light to filter in. Heavy gauge aluminum slats with a baked-on enamel finish resist chipping, cracking and peeling.

Retractable or roll-up metal awnings are made of horizontal slats with no visible space between slats when open. They are controlled with crank or cord pull. Storm awnings are solid which can be pulled down to cover the entire window during a storm. Aluminum door hoods/canopies are designed to attach over the door to help keep stairs, entries and landings free from excessive water. They must be installed high enough to allow the door to open.

Aluminum awnings fall into three main categories:

Stationary, solid "pan and cover" awnings and door hoods/canopies; horizontal panel or louvered awnings with space between the slats and horizontal slat awnings with no space between slats.

Although designed to be extremely durable, wind or snow could loosen or bend lighter gauge aluminum awnings.

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