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Rental Tools Available

Here is an extensive list of tools and items that can be rented to assist with a variety of projects.

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Removing Glue Under Flooring

Q: Should I remove the old glue under vinyl tile to lay ceramic tile?

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Remove Vinyl Floor Over Cement

Q: I want to remove the vinyl flooring before I lay down ceramic tile. Underneath the vinyl is cement. The vinyl is stuck really well. I have a large scraper (six inches attached to a six foot handle) that I have been using, but it is a really slow process.

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Removing Vinyl Flooring from Concrete Subfloor

Q: I want to faux the concrete floor in my kitchen. Right now there is vinyl flooring glued down. What is the best way to remove this vinyl? I do not know what glue was used.

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Installing a Shower Radio

Q: I am remodeling a bathroom and would like to put in a flush mount radio or CD player. I only have found ones that have intercoms. Are there some that are just radio/CD?

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Expanding a Bathroom

Q: My bathroom is very small. I have no place to store anything. The toilet is too close to the vanity. The tub takes up most of the space. Is there any way to expand the bathroom?

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Bathroom Window Design

One of the most enjoyable experiences resulting from remodeling your bathroom comes from soaking in the tub when the work is finally completed! And one of the most enjoyable aspects of soaking in the tub is experiencing the natural light and warmth of the sun streaming in from a well placed and creatively designed window system.

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