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This directory is for real estate agents only, and there are two ways to get listed:

  • By paying to be listed (Premium Submission), or
  • By linking to us from your home page.

We offer a simple, just-the-facts listing which links to your name and your company name, and lists the communities/areas you serve: a bare-bones listing on a tightly themed page.

Premium Submission Review Fee: US $125 (Not Refundable)

  • Payble by PayPal
  • Usually reviewed within three business days
  • Placed in the top listings of the category (if accepted)
  • Premium status / higher visiblity will last for one year

After one year your listing will convert to regular status. The system will send you a note when that happens. Premium status may be renewed if you wish. will only accept submissions that meet our editorial standards. We reserve the right to edit all submissions to suit our house style and our editorial policies.

  • Real estate agents only.
  • Your site makes clear:
    • who you are
    • where you are located
    • what areas you serve
    • the name of your company
    • how users can contact you.
  • Site must be complete and must work properly in common browsers.

Be sure you submit to the most suitable category.

  • Premium (paid) submission is the only way to be listed in more than one category. We'll consider submissions to more than one category if that would be truly logical ... you serve more than one city or state and your site makes that clear. Make one premium submission for each additional category where you'd like to be listed.

The review fee will not be refunded for submissions that are rejected, so be certain your business meets our requirements and your site is working properly without cross-browser problems.

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