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This site is a directory of real estate agents. If you are a real estate agent with your own website on your own domain, that clearly indicates who you are and where you work, you can be listed here.

Your website must be completely finished and functional. If we encounter broken links or under construction pages when visiting your site, that makes us very grumpy and your submission will be rejected.

This directory is for real estate agents only, and, there are two main ways to get listed:

  • By paying to be listed (Premium Submission), or
  • By linking to us from your home page.

We will provide one listing for a link exchange. If you wish to be listed in more than one category, use the Premium Submission Form, one submission for each additional category where you'd like to be listed.

This Submission Page is for agents who have linked to us from their home page. Please be sure you accurately follow the instructions below before you submit your information. If you're savvy enough to handle a real estate transaction you can handle our terms for trading links!

  • We offer a simple, just-the-facts listing which links to your name and your company name, and lists the communities/areas you serve: a bare-bones listing on a tightly themed page, one listing per agent.
  • What we ask from you is a plain, no-frills text link to our site, placed on your home page. Repeat -- on your HOME page. Below the fold is okay, as long as it is clearly visible. (See notes below.)
  • DO NOT use this form to submit your site unless you have placed a link to us as instructed below and have checked that it is working properly.
  • We make no claims or predictions about how many visitors you might receive from being listed in this directory. What we do promise is quality of targeting.

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NOTE 1: Please use the URL as provided (including the trailing slash), and note that we do NOT want the www. bit added in. Also, be sure that extra spaces do not get added to the link when you copy and paste. It's okay to add formatting information, and we will usually accept logical variations in the anchor text, but the URL itself must be exact. The link must be constructed so that search engine spiders will have no trouble recognizing the URL and indexing it accurately. That means no javascript, no tracking stuff added, no redirects, no framing, etc. -- just a plain-vanilla HTML text link on a plain-vanilla HTML page with no framing and no redirects. (If you don't know what those mean, find out before you submit.) We give links that are totally friendly to search engine spiders, and we ask the same in return.

NOTE 2: When you link to this site, the domain name in the link will add relevant "spider food" to your page and support your site's theme. ("Spider food" is text content that helps search engine spiders discern what your site is about.)

Have you linked to us from your home page yet? If yes, submit your information below. Please note that we reserve the right to edit or move submissions to suit our editorial guidelines and maintain a strong focus on relevance.

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  • Remember, post the required link on your home page BEFORE you submit your information here. Failure to do so (or being careless about the details) is the most common reason for rejection.